There are more than 4 ways to handle triggers, but we will focus on our top four because we want to give you simple ways to cope no matter where you might be.

What Are Triggers?

Triggers, sadly, can be anything. They can be so many different things, yet they can be nothing at all. I know super confusing, right? A sight, smell, action, the list goes on. Most people do not realize the extent of a trigger either. The impacts can be tiny, but they can also be larger than life for some.

Most of the time, a trigger will be something so simple that most people don’t know it can be until it does. And a lot of people are very unsure as to how to handle it. This article will give you the four best ways to handle it.

More often than not, triggers will be caused by some form of previous trauma. Therefore, triggers are based on those previous experiences. It can be something as simple as a scent in the air or as harsh as the way someone may have touched you/brushed against you.

Four Things To Help

The best way to help yourself is to firstly be aware of what triggers you. Yes! It will be a learning process, but you will be able to start keeping track of what has caused your triggers. Knowledge is power, my friend!

Another thing that I have found to be helpful is therapy. And before you ask, no it is not a one-and-done type thing. Therapy will help you to identify your triggers and come up with a plan for when you do get triggered.

Another thing that I have found to be helpful is a journal. Being able to write it down will help take the power out of whatever it is that is causing the trigger. No matter the situation, do not feel like you have to keep it bottled up!

The last thing I can recommend is to lean on a friend or family member when you get triggered. And for those friends who are questioning how they can help, look at the following article, 5 ways to help a friend. This way will not only help you to feel secure, but it will also make your friends and family feel less like they are helpless and more in control of the situation.

Like a broken record…if you ever need help (an ear, direction, support, etc.) reach out! The team is always here for you.

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