The aftermath of a suicide or an attempt is no joke. What happens in the days following an attempt or an actual suicide? I am hoping that by the end of this, I will have given some helpful insight into all of this.

What Is Aftermath?

Aftermath is seriously not anything to mess with. It is the mess that is left after a bad situation and in this case, we are talking about the aftermath of attempted suicide.

The aftermath of any situation may be painful, but with the right help and a strong support system, it can be bearable. But you also have to be aware of things that may happen during the aftermath.

What Can Happen?

There is so much that can happen in the days following any event, especially an attempted suicide. For me, it has been a very hard road but I am still here. I have struggled with amped-up depression, really bad anxiety, and other physical symptoms.

Physically, I have had issues eating. Things like not being able to eat, and when I do not being able to keep the food down. I have also had issues with sleep. Not being able to stay awake because I have been so depressed. Not being able to stay asleep because I can’t stay out of my head and keep reliving the issues that I had in the beginning.

Mentally, I have been moody and sad. Even with medication, this has still been a problem. And yes, before anyone questions it, I have not been dealing with this on my own. I have my team of professionals, I have my support system, which has been run through the wringer because it was not as strong as I thought or needed it to be.

Close It Out

What this all comes down to is how you handle things. You should have a strong support system, people you can depend on, near or far. But at the same time, you also have to make sure to know when you need to get professional help. I know I know, I said that word again….but it is true. You can’t always do it on your own. You have to know when it is time to get help, and you also have to know it is okay to ask for help.

I know the stigma is still really strong when it comes to ANY mental health, but know that we are here to help hold you up and to guide you in the right direction as far as where to look for help. Please don’t be afraid to reach out. Our team is always here.

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