What is self-care? Self-care can be almost anything you do to take care of yourself. It could be hair, nails, a bath, time by yourself, or anything that puts your body and mind at ease. And in this case, is a tattoo!

Why a tattoo?

Tattoos are a creative (and addicting) form of expression. One which involves pain along with some very strong endorphins.

Endorphins, for those who are unaware, are very similar to adrenaline. It rescues the amount of pain felt by the body, as well as puts you in a state of euphoria. But unlike adrenaline, endorphin release tends to have longer-lasting effects. 

Choose Wisely!

Just like anything else, you have to choose wisely! Not just the tattoo itself, but the artist as well.

The artist has to be someone you trust. So if you have any doubts or bad feelings, that is not the artist for you.

I’ve had four artists in my life. Three I would go back to, but one I wish I had listened to my gut and walked away. But lesson learned for sure.

Ducky and Black Raven

My current (and yes favorite) artist has done six of my twelve tattoos. And he has been nothing short of amazing! I met Ducky back in 2019/2020 through D Scott (host of The Light Skin Show) back when he was still working out of his studio at home.

At first, like meeting anyone new, I was overly cautious. But after meeting him and giving him a chance to show his skill, I was hooked.

Tattoos became self-care I never knew I needed. The first on Ducky was a coverup because I needed to erase a bad choice (hence the “choose wisely”) and he did amazing! My mistake was no longer a trigger.

Fast forward a few years and a few tattoos later, my most recent tattoo was done in his newly opened shop. Shoot! I think he was more excited about it than I was.

It turned out way beyond my expectations. So if you are local to the Phoenix AZ area, you should check out Black Raven Tattoo. You won’t be sorry.

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